Innovative curriculum design

“Learning Means the World” equips pupils to build knowledge, skills, attitudes and values, while enabling you to track progression, cohesion and depth throughout your curriculum.

With thoroughly planned and resourced cross-curricular theme units, “Learning Means the World” puts important world issues like conservation, conflict, culture and communication at the heart of learning.

Bringing a fresh outlook to curriculum innovation, it can be personalised for individual schools, while providing full National Curriculum coverage.

Described by teachers as relevant, challenging, highly engaging and ambitious, “Learning Means the World” is suitable for all kinds of settings, and is already taught in academies, faith schools, community schools and special schools, delivering a strong message and positive impact for all.

Driven by the premise of “coverage is easy; learning is hard,” this curriculum model demonstrates a real understanding of key issues such as curriculum breadth and depth, and recall and retention. Schools introducing “Learning Means the World” into their setting quickly see its benefits.

As one Headteacher recently said, “We are loving ‘Learning Means the World’! Alongside the love of learning it fosters, the pupils gain so much English learning through the work.”

“The first few weeks of ‘Learning Means the World’ have gone really well. The quality of talk has been amazing and we have so much evidence of the children making links across and within subjects.”

Assistant Head Teacher, Peterborough

Competency Units

“Learning Means the World” now features competency units which draw inspiration from a range of diverse historical role models like Elizabeth Blackwell, Thomas Barnardo, Ignatius Sancho and Josephine Baker.

We’ve worked closely with schools to identify areas where we can raise learning outcomes. As a result, we’ve designed these competency units to ensure “Learning Means the World” provides full National Curriculum coverage while promoting courage, commitment, creativity and a sense of community in pupils.

Read our blog on how “Learning Means the World” Primary Curriculum can bring a global perspective to achieve a powerful local impact in your school.

New Early Years Curriculum – September 2021

From September 2021 schools will be expected to be working with the new EYFS Curriculum. We have spent the last few months rewriting our ‘Learning Means the World’ Early Years Curriculum to ensure that it fully meets the 2021 framework and is aligned to the new Early Learning Goals.

This means that you can relax and be confident that, in using our Early Years Curriculum, you will continue to be fully statutory from September 2021.  

To read more about the new EYFS Curriculum, click here.


“Ofsted were really pleased with the home learning units being offered!”

LMTW@HOME is our brand-new home learning version of our ‘Learning means the World’ Curriculum!

Designed to help pupils seamlessly continue their learning across the curriculum, we have adapted the ‘Learning Means the World’ thematic units so they are specifically suited to a home learning environment. 

ALL ‘Learning Means the World’ member schools receive FREE access to LMTW@HOME at no extra charge! 

“LMTW@Home covers so much of the extended curriculum, it’s fantastic! As a parent, the instructions are easy to follow and we’ve got through so much. My daughter is really enjoying it!”

Parent following LMTW@HOME during COVID-19 isolation

methods of differentiation

Substantive and disciplinary knowledge

Your pupils best connect different disciplines through an integrated approach.

‘Learning Means the World’ is a curriculum built around a thematic concept that expertly integrates substantive and disciplinary knowledge.

Using our curriculum, you can present knowledge in an interconnected fashion and approach big ideas in ways that help your pupils learn more deeply and build knowledge and skills more meaningfully. 

What our schools are saying about our ‘Learning Means the World’ Curriculum…

Primary curriculum design

“The ‘Learning Means the World’ Curriculum has had a very positive impact on the school. Teaching staff don’t have to worry about progression as it is already included. It has really helped to improve teacher wellbeing!”

Head Teacher, School for Inspiring Talents

I feel very happy that Dimensions was recommended to me and that we have taken it on board. This is going to be a very exciting time for school and staff, as a team, which is fabulous. Above all, I think our children are going to love their learning and be challenged and inspired by the world they belong to.

Headteacher, Norfolk

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What’s special about ‘Learning Means the World’?

The ‘Learning Means the World’ Curriculum has been described an outstanding example curriculum innovation. It is carefully and creatively designed, with rigorous progression and integration of subjects, taught through highly relevant and engaging thematic units. It is built on the foundations of current world issues (Conservation, Conflict, Communication, Culture) and encourages pupils to be outward-facing in applying their learning into everyday life. 
It is broken down into the following phases, known as Learning Pathways:-

  • Explorers (3-5 year olds)
  • Pathfinders (5-7 year olds)
  • Adventurers (7-9 year olds)
  • Navigators (9-11 year olds)

Each Learning Pathway is characterised by learning traits, which are developed through the themes. These will help equip pupils to be agents for positive change, both within their local context and further afield.

What are the benefits of using this curriculum?

  • Pupils will be thoroughly engaged as they tackle challenging and inspiring themes and issues.
  • Fully customisable and personalised to each school, ‘Learning Means the World’ Curriculum offers the perfect solution to primary curriculum innovation and design.
  • Matching clearly with the curriculum intent of many schools to develop resilience, to build better communication and life skills within real-life contexts and to champion sustainability and celebrate diversity, the implementation of ‘Learning Means the World’ is transforming the primary curriculum in more and more schools!
  • Clear progression, knowledge-rich and skills-based, we provide the perfect blend of learning that schools are working so hard to develop.
  • Teachers can record assessments using ‘Track Zone’, a system we have designed enable quick and easy recording of judgements about pupils’ learning and progression. Senior leaders can track progress; subject leaders can see how students are performing across the school in their subject; teachers can identify gaps and tailor lessons to cover these.
  • Brand new quizzes are included to help retention and check pupils’ learning.
  • Our unique feature, ‘Time Machine’, ensures prior learning is built upon within each theme.
  • Our 3D PSHE programme is woven into the themes and we provide schools with our full scheme of work as part of the ‘Learning Means the World’ Curriculum package, helping you deliver the 2020 PSHE government requirements to develop fully rounded individuals.
  • Related to key vocabulary and terminology that are vital for developing learning and an increased depth of understanding, our Learning Lexicon is embedded into the curriculum, resulting in pupils who know, understand and can apply the language of learning in a range of cross-curricular contexts.

Our curriculum design expertise and teaching and learning consultancy has helped to develop and improve mainstream, independent and special schools in the UK, Europe and Internationally! What can’t we do for your school? The possibilities are endless!