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New Primary Curriculum 2014 AVAILABLE NOW!

Dimensions offers you all the support you need to develop a more active, inspiring and creative new primary curriculum model in your school. 

new primary curriculum

We are passionate about helping every school improve teaching and learning by developing a more creative new primary curriculum! By combining innovative approaches with rigour and high expectations right across the primary curriculum, we can help you develop more creative ways to meet the needs of all your pupils. As experts in primary curriculum development, we are able to confidently support you in designing and implementing your own new primary curriculum model that is truly fit for purpose. Our three-in-one curriculum design solution means that we can really meet the needs of all types of primary school. You can even buy now and pay in instalments!

New Primary National Curriculum 2014

We're delighted to tell you that our new Primary National Curriculum 2014 edition of Dimensions is already Ofsted approved. The following comments, taken directly from an Ofsted report dated 22nd October, show how successful the Dimensions new Primary Curriculum 2014 already is! “The New Dimensions curriculum successfully creates a sense of fascination and enjoyment of learning and promotes pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development well.” "The school's well-thought-out Abracadabra theme in Year 5 and 6 successfully promotes the use of literacy, numeracy and art in science." Now that the Primary National Curriculum 2014 Programmes of Study have been finalised, the all new Dimensions Curriculum 2014 is available to all schools. We have some great original innovative ideas and creative primary teaching resources that will help schools still inspire pupils and develop their love of learning as part of our new model. More and more schools are making the smart choice in opting for Dimensions and are proud to have us as their new curriculum partner. Find out more - read our new CASE STUDIES and see what colleagues are saying about our new 2014 primary curriculum! We're also working with a number of academies, free schools and international settings in adapting and developing their own creative curriculum designs, as closely linked to Primary National Curriculum 2014 as they choose. Download a sample

To complement our Dimensions Creative Primary Curriculum 2014 and curriculum design packages...

The Dimensions next steps marking systems,  Best Buds and SixTicks, are designed to provide truly effective feedback for maths and writing and are an excellent way to use pupil premium funding. Our Bubbles Early Years and Primary Music, Dance and Drama resources help to bring cross-curricular teaching and learning to life, whilst the Decisive Behaviour Programme offers a whole school approach to developing responsible behaviour. All our products and services are proven to help provide high quality learning. We know, from experience, that Dimensions offers renewed motivation for staff and pupils through a truly creative curriculum. Want to know more? Check out our resources or Get in contact!   Find us on Google+