Picture this: a Y2 teaching assistant bursts into a room of enthralled children, dressed in a bright onesie, wellies and balaclava, screaming, “World domination is what I want and I want it NOW!”
She is, of course, playing ‘Sally-monella’, a belligerent bacteria determined to wreak havoc on a clean living world. Hygiene takes centre stage here in the most inventive way to teach PSHE and the impact on young minds is evident from the flurry of fascinated questions posed. The use of drama to bring learning to life is undoubtedly highly effective.
There’s no denying, however, that the arts in school have come under considerable political pressure in recent years. Even though the subjects of art and design, music, dance and drama are prescribed within the National Curriculum, the dominant focus on literacy and maths has marginalised their teaching in primary schools.
Art and design, music, dance and drama are seen to have distinct roles in developing children’s artistic, musical and kinaesthetic talents and intelligences. The curriculum guidance also recognises that these subjects present different modes of learning which are integral to children’s development.
We specialise in creative classroom solutions with arts at the heart of learning. Designed to sprinkle a generous helping of fun and a big spoonful of innovation onto the learning experience, their resources both engage and enthuse in equal measures. Responsible for inspiring teachers and motivating learners internationally, Dimension’s founder and creative director, Elaine Sutton, who set the company up back in 2011, has clocked up over 25 years’ experience across Early Years, KS1 and KS2. Since then, Dimensions has grown organically and our resources are now used in hundreds of schools across the UK, as well as in twenty countries globally.
“Thank You for the Music”

Garryduff Primary School have been using the arts-rich Dimensions Curriculum for Northern Ireland for over a year now.
Principal, Alex Tannahill, loves the way that art, music and drama are fully integrated through their cross-curricular approach to thematic teaching.
“For non-music specialists, Dimensions Curriculum is a dream come true. When teaching music everything is there for you at the click of a button! My music teaching has been thoroughly enriched by the Dimensions materials. There are so many songs, all of which are written exclusively by the team at Dimensions, which reinforce key learning concepts covered in The World Around Us topics and themes being taught in my classroom. No longer do I have to spend hours thinking and researching for my music lessons. It is all there for my staff and I. The Arts are a great way to develop pupils’ motivation to learn and nurture their individual creative potential. The children just love to hear about what we are going to create each week. Dimensions covers every aspect of The Arts curriculum guidance, putting my mind at ease that we are fulfilling the statutory requirements and much, much more!”
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