‘Big Questions in Secondary PSHE’ Training

Your staff may be becoming increasingly concerned about difficult PSHE topics and feel they aren’t equipped to tackle these challenging issues in the classroom. We can help with that! We can provide secondary PSHE training based around our ‘Big Questions’ model and tailored specifically to your school’s context and unique character, you can choose to focus on some or all of the areas covered.

Who is this for?

KS3 and KS4 teachers teaching secondary PSHE

How long does the training last?

‘Big Questions in Secondary PSHE’ training sessions are held in your school and are available as:-

  • Twilights
  • INSET (half days)

Big Questions Answered


Why is self-harming so prevalent and what can we do about it? 


How does it manifest itself?

Body Image

Is having a healthy body the same as having a healthy body image?


What influences an individual’s self-esteem?

Online Activity

We can’t stop it, so how can we monitor what young people are doing?


Why do some people gamble?

It’s Your Choice!

We believe you know your staff and students best, so if there are particular areas you want us to focus more on, just let us know.


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