Dimensions Skills Ladder

The Dimensions Skills Ladder is designed to show skills progression and continuity across all curriculum areas. The Dimensions Skills Ladder assists with the process of curriculum design by ensuring there is a focus on permanent, transferable skills.

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The focus of teaching and learning is then directed towards processes as well as outcome. Subjects included under the Curriculum Areas are:-

  • Expressive Arts – Art, Dance, Drama, Music
  • Science and Technology – Computing, Design Technology and Science
  • Place and Time – Geography, History
  • Faith and Community – R.E., Citizenship
  • Mathematics – Maths
  • Communication – English, MFL, ICT
  • Health and Wellbeing – Physical Education, Personal Wellbeing

There is also a section focusing on generic Creative Skills as well as a Lifelong Learning Skills section.
Used in conjunction with the Dimensions Skills Ladder, Track Zone, our new online assessment tracker, provides a user-friendly approach to monitoring coverage as well as assessing individual pupil progress. All subject areas are covered, making target-setting much easier.

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What do I get?

  • A whole-school site licence
  • The Skills Ladder as a digital download

Optional Extra:-

If you purchase the Dimensions Skills Ladder as a digital download, you can also buy a hard copy ring binder for an additional £40 (ex VAT and P&P).