Your amazing curriculum designers

Dimensions is built on a passion for learning!

We eat, sleep and breathe education and love nothing more than developing curriculums to help make learning fun, memorable and meaningful for pupils everywhere! So if you need help developing your curriculum read on…

We are continually adding to our core group of staff and currently benefit from the expertise of former headteachers, teachers, teaching and learning consultants and an Early Years specialist. We employ a full-time graphic designer and animator. We are all professionals who are reliable, caring and, very importantly, creative!

We believe that a primary curriculum should be infused with opportunities for children to gain first-hand experience across a range of disciplines, actively engaging in the learning process. The curriculum should be carefully linked across year groups and key stages to ensure progression, and prior learning should be built on in a range of different contexts. That’s exactly how Dimensions Curriculum works!

Curriculum design by teachers for teachers

About Dimensions Curriculum -Created by Teachers
(for Teachers)

Sounds like a cliché, but it’s true! Dimensions Curriculum was founded by Elaine – an experienced educator – with over 25 years experience across Early Years, KS1 and KS2.

Dimensions Curriculum is the answer to many of the problems she faced as a teacher and every product is designed with the needs of teachers at the heart.

We believe in what we sell and the creative and innovative primary curriculum models that Elaine has developed, along with her team, has re-invigorated and excited many teachers.

No school left behind

No School Left Behind. Ever.

Every school is unique and important to us. We care passionately about teachers and their well-being. We understand the squeeze of budget cuts. In the event of financial constraints, we’ll try our very best to come up with a solution to help your school afford our invaluable resources.

We try and make sure Dimensions Curriculum models are implemented effectively in every school and, once in place, have the maximum impact on teaching and learning.

Please get in touch if you would like some help developing your curriculum.