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Brand New!


LMTW@HOME is our brand-new home learning version of our ‘Learning means the World’ Curriculum, which is ONLY available when you buy the full ‘Learning Means The World’ curriculum.

Designed to help pupils seamlessly continue their learning across the curriculum, we have adapted the ‘Learning Means the World’ thematic units so they are specifically suited to a home learning environment. 

This means that, in the event of further lockdowns, classes closing or pupils needing to self-isolate, schools using the ‘Learning Means the World’ Curriculum can continue to provide a high quality, broad and balanced offer, where pupils can continue to acquire new skills and concepts, in line with the school’s planned progression.

LMTW@HOME subjects include music, geography, history, science, art, design technology, computing / ICT and PSHE, as well as the global dimensions.

Our Home Learning Version can only be bought alongside our Full “Learning Means the World’ Curriculum. It is not a stand-alone product. Click the relevant button below to read about how our ‘Learning Means the World’ Curriculum can help your school.

What our schools are saying about our ‘Learning Means the World’ Curriculum…

Primary curriculum design

“The ‘Learning Means the World’ Curriculum has had a very positive impact on the school. Teaching staff don’t have to worry about progression as it is already included. It has really helped to improve teacher wellbeing!”

Head Teacher, School for Inspiring Talents

I feel very happy that Dimensions was recommended to me and that we have taken it on board. This is going to be a very exciting time for school and staff, as a team, which is fabulous. Above all, I think our children are going to love their learning and be challenged and inspired by the world they belong to.

Headteacher, Norfolk

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