It’s always a privilege to go into schools and show our range of creative resources. We love being able to talk about and share our passion and enthusiasm for teaching and learning with fellow educators.

So, when I was asked the other night, at the end of a curriculum presentation, whether we produce test papers I had no hesitation in replying vehemently, “No… and we never will!”

Firstly, there are plenty of others out there churning out test papers to help make teachers and pupils lives miserable. Why should we add to that?

Secondly, we can only invest our time and energy on something we believe in. It’s about principles, not money. We don’t believe in testing. We support ‘More than a Score’, ‘Rescue our Schools’ and all the other movements who are working hard for change. What a mixed message it would send out if we then started producing test papers! It would be like condoning the whole testing regime, as far as we’re concerned.

Creativity is at the heart of what we do. We are striving to ensure that every lesson is inspiring, engaging and fun.

Tests are none of these things.

We all need to stand up and be counted, regardless of the cost. Principles are worth fighting for. We are working for change in the current education system, by providing an exciting, meaningful curriculum and staying well away from test papers. 

 Remember – be the change you want to see!