Dimensions Primary Curriculum Northern Ireland

This is an exciting thematic curriculum for Northern Ireland. Fully aligned to the Northern Ireland Curriculum for Primary.

As experts in primary curriculum development, we have created an innovative model that provides built-in knowledge progression, coupled with incremental skills development using the Dimensions Skills Ladder.

The curriculum covers the following areas:- The World Around Us, PDMU (Personal Development and Mutual Understanding), The Arts and ICT as well as Thinking Skills and Personal Capabilities.

Primary curriculum design

With over 60 thematic units to choose from based on engaging and relevant topics, our curriculum is designed for the whole primary phase, from Nursery to P7.

Planning and resources are provided which are designed to put developing a love of learning at the heart of the curriculum.

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“Dimensions ticks a lot of boxes for school improvement work. It is so innovative, child-friendly, bang up-to-date, makes teachers think and it’s full of practical ideas.”  

Headteacher, Northern Ireland.

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We can guarantee…

  • a joined-up, cohesive thematic approach with exciting themes that will engage all learners;
  • a PDMU Programme interwoven into the curriculum to ensure a holistic focus on pupil wellbeing;
  • oodles of cross-curricular skills practise for English and Mathematics, naturally developing literacy and numeracy across the curriculum;
  • brand new quizzes are included to help retention and check pupils’ learning;
  • thousands of engaging, practical, original resources, full of creativity and quality, to save on teacher time!

Benefits to Your School…

  • save teachers’ time planning, coming up with engaging lessons and finding resources of a consistently high quality;
  • peace of mind that the Northern Ireland Curriculum requirements are met (and often exceeded!);
  • a planned approach to developing well rounded individuals through our PDMU Programme;
  • language is specifically developed through identified key vocabulary;
  • engaged pupils show improved behaviour and attendance, contributing to a happy and stimulating classroom environment;
  • teachers can focus on what really matters – getting to know their pupils, their needs and move them on in their learning.

Our curriculum design expertise and teaching and learning consultancy has helped to develop and improve Primary schools in Northern Ireland ! What can we do for your school? The possibilities are endless!