Primary curriculum design

This knowledge-rich primary curriculum ensures National Curriculum coverage across the foundation subjects.

As experts in primary curriculum development, we have created a model that provides built-in knowledge progression, coupled with incremental skills development using the Dimensions Skills Ladder.

BONUS! Woven throughout the curriculum is the Dimensions 2020 ready 3D PSHE programme, giving you peace of mind that you are also compliant with the new government legislation on Health and Relationships Education.

Primary curriculum design

In the Dimensions Curriculum model we ensure knowledge is specific, as well as progressive, through our unique Knowledge Building and Concept Flow features.

We encourage spaced retrieval across a range of subjects and knowledge is sequenced and mapped deliberately and coherently. WhISK (What I Should Know) Sheets enable pupils to organise their learning, supporting recall.

We also provide a model of clear progression of knowledge across the foundation subjects.

Our Skills Ladder ensures there are plenty of opportunities for pupils to use procedural knowledge across all subjects, practicing and developing a wide range of skills. We believe learning comes from trying things out, sometimes from failing, from working out why and from trying again.

The school’s recently revised curriculum is interesting, broad and well balanced. Your carefully chosen revisions to the primary curriculum for subjects other than English and mathematics engage all learners, but particularly boys. Teachers make good use of practical experiences to engage pupils in learning about abstract concepts. For example, in a computing lesson, pupils developed their skills in creating and debugging algorithms through the production of a jam sandwich.”

Daisyfield Primary School, Blackburn; Ofsted Short Inspection Report

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We can guarantee…

  • National Curriculum coverage for Foundation Subjects:- Geography, History, Science, Art, Music, Dance, Drama, Computing and Design Technology with clear knowledge building and progression built in;
  • fulfilment of PSED and PSHE teaching recommendations and requirements, according to the PSHE Association and National Curriculum;
  • oodles of cross-curricular skills practise for English and Mathematics, naturally developing literacy and numeracy across the curriculum;
  • a joined-up, cohesive thematic approach with exciting themes that will engage all learners;
  • quick and easy recording of judgements about pupils’ learning and progression using ‘Track Zone‘. Senior leaders can track progress; subject leaders can see how students are performing across the school in their subject; teachers can identify gaps and tailor lessons to cover these.
  • brand new quizzes are included to help retention and check pupils’ learning.
  • thousands of engaging, practical, original resources, full of creativity and quality, to save on teacher time!

Benefits to Your School…

  • 2020 fully planned and resourced 3D PSHE Programme
  • a clearly defined knowledge base with built-in progression and spaced retrieval, coupled with incremental skills development using our Skills Ladder;
  • save teachers’ time planning, coming up with engaging lessons and finding resources of a consistently high quality;
  • peace of mind that the National Curriculum requirements are met (and often exceeded!);
  • language is specifically developed through identified key vocabulary;
  • engaged pupils show improved behaviour and attendance, contributing to a happy and stimulating classroom environment;
  • teachers can focus on what really matters – getting to know their pupils, their needs and move them on in their learning.

Our curriculum design expertise and teaching and learning consultancy has helped to develop and improve mainstream, independent and special schools in the UK, Europe and internationally! What can we do for your school? The possibilities are endless!