‘Primary Design Technology / STEM National Curriculum Implementation’ Training

Your staff will be aware of the requirements of the 2014 curriculum and the latest ofsted framework but, are they fully equipped to confidently deliver the content safely in the classroom? Are they prepared for a ‘deep dive’ in Design Technology? If not, we can help with that!

Who is this for?

Primary teachers delivering Design Technology and STEM related activities.

How long does the training last?

These sessions, which aim to develop teacher knowledge and improve confidence, are held in schools, and are available as;

  • Twilights
  • INSET (half days or full days)

Based around our ‘Big Questions’ model and tailored specifically to your school’s context and unique character, you can choose to focus on some or all of the following areas:

Big Questions Answered…

Health & Safety 

  • What tools, equipment and materials are suitable for pupils in EYFS, KS1 & KS2?
  • How should tools be used and stored correctly?
  • How can I manage practical activities in the classroom?

National Curriculum

  • What are we expected to teach?
  • What might a good DT curriculum look like?
  • What new skills do I need to learn?
  • Where can I buy tools, equipment and materials?

Developing suitable activities

  • What are Focused Tasks?
  • What is a Design, Make and Evaluate activity?
  • How can I build teamwork, challenge, resilience, and differentiation into my projects?
  • How do I encourage decision making whilst ensuring quality outcomes?
  • How can I contextualise activities and outcomes?

It’s Your Choice!

We believe you know your staff and students best, so that’s why we ask you to choose. If there are particular areas you want us to focus more on, just let us know. 


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