How to Funky Up Your Assemblies!

Do you see leading whole school assembly as something of a chore, a right royal bore or do you leave them wanting more?!?
Suddenly, it’s that day of the week again and you’ve got to find a whizz bang assembly for a spread of year groups in ten minutes flat. You grab that book off the shelf entitled,
“Much-loved Assembly Stories” and thumb through the dog-eared pages. Now, which one did you choose last week? That one about being a good friend looks familiar but how long ago was it since you last rolled that one out…?
Wouldn’t it be so much easier to have a brand-new, fully planned AND resourced assembly pack to pick up and use? 3D PSHE Assemblies not only focus on, among other things, British Values, but also provide you with a full, clear 30 week assembly programme that means a year’s worth of material without you having to hunt around on your bookshelf / the Internet and remember what you used last week!
Fresh and Fun
Using a range of stimuli helps to keep assemblies interesting and fresh.
That’s why we include original images, videos, presentations, posters and songs, to name just some of the resources provided with 3D PSHE Assemblies. A few hands-on props are even included and anything we can’t send you, like an elephant (only kidding!) is really easy and quick to find. Designed to engage and stimulate the pupils, with plenty of audience participation, your assemblies will fly by whilst having a lasting positive impact on attitudes and behaviour.
Real-Life Links
One of things that 3D PSHE Assembly fans comment on is how relevant our material is.
For example, one of our assemblies about resilience focuses on a shop (Dee’s Wardrobe) whose owners had to bounce back after a devastating local flood, showing real fighting spirit in the face of adversity. They provided us with lots of source material to include in the pack and this is the kind of authenticity that surrounds the programme, ensuring it resonates with adults and children alike.
Do, why not leave them wanting more with your 3D PSHE Assemblies Pack! Order here.