Adding colour to traditionally tedious topics like finance, hygiene and healthy eating can be a challenge – but with PSHE such a pivotal part of today’s curriculum it’s one we’re all navigating.
One creative company is taking a fresh look at preparing children for the wider world, with a little help from glitzy red carpet awards, talking germs and supersize veggies.
Set up in 2011, Dimensions specialises in helping schools enhance teaching and learning through engaging, innovative teaching resources created by teachers, for teachers and designed to empower everyone in school.
The latest package to set young brains whirring is their Personal, Social and Health Education offering, 3D PSHE.
Covering a plethora of topics, programmes incorporate core themes of health and wellbeing, relationships and living in the wider world using a variety of fresh ideas and inexpensive props designed to help children lead healthy, happy and well-rounded lives.
Picture this: a year 2 teaching assistant bursts into a room of enthralled children dressed in bright onesie, wellies and balaclava screaming “world domination is what I want and I want it NOW!”
She is, of course, playing ‘Sally-monella’, a belligerent bacteria determined to wreak havoc on a clean living world. Hygiene takes centre stage here in the most inventive way, and the impact on young minds is evident from the flurry of fascinated questions posed.
Other lessons introduce healthy eating by way of an enormous turnip; see Lego edifices representing modern families or enlist pupils as budding codebreakers to encourage communication skills.
Elsewhere in the programme, children learn to budget by singing along to Canadian rockers the Barenaked Ladies and absorb crucial lessons about friendship while strutting down the red carpet at the glitzy ‘BAFAs’ – Best At Friendship Awards.
The common threads in these diverse lesson plans are contextualisation and relatability. Pitching fun at the heart of real life situations is designed to equip children with essential skills to propel them into successful, happy futures.
With a focus on promoting modern British values and encouraging spiritual, moral, social and cultural development from all angles, it’s little wonder programmes are earning a giant thumbs up from educators across the country.
Judith Peel, a headteacher already using the resource, says: “It’s a fantastic resource. The focus on life skills is particularly valuable in preparing children for life outside school. It meets requirements for the teaching of British values, discrimination, respect for others and much more. The programme’s practical, hands-on approach brings learning alive!”
3D PSHE from Dimensions is a comprehensive programme which covers all curricular requirements in one colourful package. It’s available for Nursery, Reception, KS1, KS2 and soon KS3, and features all required units at each stage through numerous individual lessons under the three core themes.
Designed for easy integration as a stand-alone package in all schools nationwide, 3D PSHE incorporates key themes into lesson plans with plenty of cross-curricular learning. Every lesson plan comes complete with a CD-ROM featuring digital resources as well as printed lesson plans created to take a holistic approach to nurturing healthy, sociable and emotionally mature individuals.
There are also extra units available for Extremism and Radicalisation and SRE for schools wanting to go deeper.  There is also a song CD for use in the classroom or assemblies.
For more information, go to our 3D PSHE page or call 01254 779142.