Belmont Primary is a small village primary school, near Bolton. The school has been using Dimensions Curriculum since 2012 and began using our new curriculum – ‘Learning Means the World’ – in September 2019.

Impact on School

Belmont find that the curriculum really motivates the children who readily buy into the themes and are highly engaged. They are also finding that children don’t want to stop learning when they go home, and carry on by doing extra research and homework.

Dimen sions Curriculum has helped staff with planning, which is now more structured and progressive. Subject leaders are much more confident and find it easier to co-ordinate their mixed-age classes.

Belmont feel that using Dimensions also means that, as a school, they are always on the ball and confident that they are keeping up-to-date with changes in education.

Impact on Pupils

The pupils love the theme based units and it has enabled the school to bring more music and drama into the curriculum and enabled a deeper learning.

The behaviour of pupils is better because all children are working on the same theme but with adaptions made for their different needs.


Ofsted Rating: Good

Belmont underwent their last Ofsted inspection in January 2019.

Ofsted Comments

“They have designed a curriculum to engage pupils through well-thought-out topics. Schemes of work meet all the requirements of national curriculum and develop pupils’ skills well.”

Headteacher Comments

“The buzz and excitement in learning through different themes has proved infectious for both pupils and staff!”

You can hear directly from the Head Teacher at Belmont in our ‘Talking Heads’ section of the website.