We’ve seen lots of new enquiries coming in from schools seeking a ‘broad and balanced’ curriculum. Often, it’s because good teachers know deep-down that their school’s curriculum could be better; more interesting, less rushed, more joined-up, more engaging. Sometimes it’s after an Ofsted visit, where curriculum has been flagged up as an area for development. We are hearing the same thing over and over again: “Our curriculum isn’t bad but it could be better!” We’ve identified four key curriculum worries and, here at Dimensions, we have the solution!

1.”We’re a bit sketchy on coverage…”

Dimensions are sure of National Curriculum coverage. We took the National Curriculum and planned it out fully, objective by objective, making sure all boxes are ticked (literally – see our assessment tracker) and all programmes of study are covered and, in some cases, exceeded!

2.“We’re not sure that there’s real progression…”

Dimensions are certain of progression as we looked at the big picture when we planned out the curriculum. Progress and learning is ‘joined up’, with the help of our Dimensions Skills Ladder, and subjects are not taught in isolation. Learning objectives are covered through key stages and previous learning is revised, built upon and expanded, ensuring the ongoing development of pupils’ skills and knowledge.

3. “It’s all maths and English. There’s no breadth and depth!”

Foundation Subjects and the creative arts are the beating heart of our thematic curriculum! There are plenty of topic-related opportunities to practise literacy and numeracy skills in a way that is meaningful and purposeful to children, contextualised in a dynamic cross-curricular theme that engages all learners. For example, while some teachers may hear the word ‘Mayans’ and sigh, Dimensions teachers rejoice as they get to teach ‘Mayan Maths’ using chocolate bars and sweets – irresistibly engaging for children (and adults!).

4. “It’s boring.”

Ouch! This one possibly stings the most as it’s everything we are not! Dimensions Curriculum brings learning to life with creative, memorable topics filled with practical activities to engage all children. Lessons are dynamic and interesting. Resources are tailor-made to appeal to pupils and are all age-appropriate.

So What Are You Waiting For!

We’ve got it all here, ready to pick up and teach! Planned out with cohesion, progression and bags of personality and creativity. Our resources are waiting to be discovered by senior leaders who are passionate about children enjoying and being engaged in their learning; waiting to be delivered by talented teachers; waiting to be devoured by curious learners. So what are you waiting for? Get in touch with our friendly team to arrange a Curriculum Consultation or online demonstration of how our creative curriculum can enrich your school’s curriculum so it’s the best it possibly can be!