Dimensions Curriculum

Everything you need to design a world-class creative
curriculum in your school.

“Dimensions guided us expertly through the creative curriculum development process. This new curriculum approach means children are now really immersed in their learning!” – Headteacher, Durham

Creative Curriculum Development

Dimensions offers creative curriculum development packages suited to every primary school.

We approach the creative curriculum development process with commitment and consistency. Using our wide and varied experience, we look at the specific needs of your learners and help you design a curriculum to match. We can also help any school make the most of existing creative curriculum development resources.

With our flexible, affordable pricing and our TLC support system, it’s never been easier to give your school the curriculum it needs for 2014 and beyond!

A New Approach to Learning

The Dimensions approach is based on investigation, observation and application. These three elements are embedded across the Dimensions Curriculum and provide practitioners with a clear structure to help with creative curriculum planning.

Everything You Need

Spanning Nursery through to Year 6, our resources are underpinned by the Dimensions Skills Ladder – a learning framework that ensures step-by-step continuity and progression, complete with our new Assessment Tracker. Everything you need to plan, organise and assess your own innovative creative curriculum can be found in Dimensions, fully aligned to the new National Curriculum.

Our Three-in-One Solution

With our three-in-one curriculum development solution, we can confidently say we will offer the best possible approach to help you develop your new primary curriculum. We have a flexible model that can be used in one (or more) of the following ways:-

Solution #1 – Dimensions Curriculum Toolkit 
By using the Dimensions Curriculum Toolkit exactly as it is, schools can be sure they are providing a broad, balanced and engaging curriculum for their pupils. The full Toolkit comes in three versions: Platinum, Gold and Silver. Find out more.

Solution #2 – Personalised Dimensions Curriculum Toolkit
Using the Dimensions Curriculum Toolkit as a foundation for the curriculum framework, schools can then easily adapt and tailor the model to suit the needs of their staff and pupils. This can be done with the support of one of our trained consultants or independently, depending on your school’s requirements.

Solution #3 – Custom-Built Curriculum
We also offer a ‘start from scratch’ approach where we will work alongside staff to develop a custom-built curriculum that focuses on the real priorities and passions of your school. Parts of the Dimensions Toolkit may be used as part of the process.

What are the Benefits of Using Dimensions Curriculum Design?

Using Dimensions leads to:

  • Motivation, engagement and enthusiasm, stimulating a passion for teaching and learning
  • Pupils who are able to connect and apply their learning
  • Raised standards through stimulating, challenging and memorable learning experiences

So what are you waiting for? Contact us and let us show you how
Dimensions can help you bring out the best in your pupils and teachers today!

Why Choose Dimensions?

“Through Dimensions we have unlocked the secrets for great learning for our children.”

  Headteacher, Wiltshire

“There is so much there for the teacher, without it being overly prescriptive.”

  Teacher, East Riding

“We looked at three other companies but nothing came anywhere near Dimensions!”

  Deputy Head, Lancs.