Dimensions Skills Ladder

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The Skills Ladder, with pupil tracker system, is designed to show skills progression and continuity across all curriculum areas. The Dimensions Skills Ladder assists with the process of curriculum design by ensuring there is a focus on permanent, transferable skills. The focus of teaching and learning is then directed towards processes as well as outcome. Subjects included under the Curriculum Areas are:-

Expressive Arts – Art, Dance, Drama, Music
Science and Technology – Computing, Design Technology and Science
Place and Time – Geography, History
Faith and Community – R.E., Citizenship
Mathematics – Maths
Communication – English, MFL, ICT
Health and Wellbeing – Physical Education, Personal Wellbeing

The Skills Ladder Package consists of a ringbinder hard copy, CD-ROM with editable Word documents along with a comprehensive Tracker System. For more information, please click here.

It is also an essential part of the Dimensions Creative Curriculum Toolkit. All purchases of the our Curriculum Toolkit include a Skills Ladder as it underpins the cohesion, coverage and progression of our creative curriculum.

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