3D PSHE KS1 Focus Unit on Extremism and Radicalisation

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Following the success and rave reviews of our 3D PSHE KS2 Extremism and Radicalisation Unit, we have created a similar resource aimed at KS1 pupils. This focus unit comprises three fully resourced lesson plans, an animation and a song, which makes it an ideal resource for assemblies too. It comes as a digital download.

Our KS1-tailored resource begins by focusing on the concept of fact and opinion, moving on to the idea of right and wrong. Then, we introduce children to our key character ‘Redfern Right’, in our original and engaging animation.

KS1 extremism‘The Story of Redfern Right’ is an age-appropriate way to explain how a minority of people who have strong opinions and beliefs think they are right and everyone else is wrong. The final part focuses on celebrating difference, with a funky, fresh, up-beat song setting the tone. Complete with both karaoke and vocal tracks, sheet music and on-screen lyrics, you’ll be humming this tune all day!

Our Extremism and Radicalisation focus unit comes as a digital download. Once we have received your payment we will be in touch to let you know how to access the resource.

You can save £5 when you purchase both the KSI and KS2 Extremism and Radicalisation PSHE focus units together – click here for more on the KS2 unit. 

For more information on 3D PSHE, please click here.


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