Which comes first? The chicken or the egg? Sex or relationships? Surely to enjoy a healthy, happy partnership, the relationship part comes first.. or am I just an old-fashioned Preston lass who is a tad romantic?

Anyway, what’s in a name? One of the many places we find ourselves working in is Northern Ireland where it is referred to as ‘Relationship and Sexuality Education’ (RSE). ‘RSE’ raises the status of gender and sexuality over the merely physical.

Thinking about Modern British values, the multicultural mix and diversity of Britain today, putting relationships before sex is surely a move in the right direction towards a focus on respectful relationships and open communication between individuals and, as a by-product, also supports the Prevent strategy.

This move would also make RSE much more accessible for the many different religions and faiths in the country, thereby making RSE much more likely to be embraced by every teacher in every school, thereby fulfilling their soon-to-be statutory SRE / RSE duties.

This is one education rebrand that we do support!