Have you ever watched a TV show like Jerry Springer or Oprah? Couples fighting like cat and dog; feuding friends; estranged parents and siblings! Dysfunctional relationships are at the heart of these kind of shows and, although they broadcast extreme examples to make ‘good TV’, relationship breakdowns are all too common in society.

Great teachers model positive relationships with adults every day and encourage equal opportunities classrooms, where children can explore interests, without the social constructs of sex and gender limiting their natural curiosity. We believe that children can make better, more informed choices in relationships if they have learnt the building blocks of trust, respect and seen first-hand what a positive relationship between peers and adults looks and feels like in their formative years at school.

Recently, the BBC reported that sex and relationships education is to be made compulsory in all schools in England. As usual, Dimensions is ahead of the game with our 3D PSHE resources!

Healthy and positive relationships are explicitly taught from the age of four in our Early Years 3D PSHE programme, encouraging young children to develop friendships with peers and positive relationships with adults. KS1 moves on to relationships with family and friends, as well as identifying and explore basic similarities and differences between girls and boys. KS2 covers not only how to build good relationships, but conversely dealing with relationship breakdowns, separation and bereavement. There is also a discreet unit on Sex and Relationships Education that covers puberty, sexual orientation and trans-gender issues in an age-appropriate way. Pupils are taught about relationships by using an original, fun animation entitled ‘The Jeremy Smile Show’, keeping pupils thoroughly engaged.


3D PSHE for KS3 covers Sex and Relationship Education progressively through the schemes of work for Year 7, 8 and 9, focusing on sexual health, contraception, sexual harassment, intimacy and sexual relationships.


We hear from teachers in schools, not just in the UK but around the world, that our 3D PSHE resources support children in their personal development, giving teachers peace of mind that the language and terminology they are using to teach is age-appropriate, sensitive and relevant.

BBC reports Sex Education to be made compulsory in all England schools