I would suggest that the reason for the ‘dearth of anything really below Year 8’ in relation to resources to help teach radicalisation is because of the fine balance required between presenting fact and minimising fear (‘A Girl aged 5 was made to watch beheadings online’ 10 February).

Extremism and radicalisation ks2 PSHE Our 3D PSHE ‘Extremism and Radicalisation’ resource, held up as an example of best practice in local authorities, has been successfully taught from Year 3 upwards. Teachers report no subsequent stress or anxiety in their pupils and tell us that they believe the key to the resource’s success is the creative, child-friendly content which children can engage with, without the adults having to fudge the real issues, and we would love to introduce the DfE’s Ann Connor to this primary extremism and radicalisation teaching resource!

Elaine Sutton
Creative Director
Dimensions Curriculum Ltd.