Dimensions offers a Creative Primary Curriculum for the future!

Dimensions offers fantastic, creative curriculum development packages suited to every primary school.These packages are designed to guarantee you the support you need to take you seamlessly through changes up to 2014 and beyond. Our primary curriculum model is currently ahead of its time, having been identified recently as the most relevant, sustainable, simple yet flexible curriculum design approach currently available. Contact us now for more information!

The purpose of Dimensions is to enable you to design and customise your Primary Curriculum to promote more active and creative learning, unique to your school’s context. Spanning Nursery right through to Year 6, cross-curricular learning is underpinned by the Dimensions Skills Ladder that has been carefully constructed to ensure step-by-step continuity and progression. Everything you need to help you plan, organise and assess your own innovative creative curriculum can be found in Dimensions.

The Dimensions approach is built on the principles of investigation, observation and application. These three elements are embedded across the Dimensions Curriculum and provide practitioners with a clear structure to help with creative curriculum planning. If you are already working to promote cross-curricular learning, the Dimensions principles provide a sharper focus in planning, teaching and assessment to help develop your existing primary curriculum.

We are currently working at local, national and international level, helping schools meet the challenges of primary curriculum design by using our Dimensions Toolkit and / or through training and consultancy.

With our affordable prices, which we match to your budget what are you waiting for? Let us show you the value of Dimensions in helping shape future learning at your school!

“I would strongly recommend others to go with Dimensions.  Here is an approach to teaching and learning that most definitely fits the bill!” Primary Headteacher, Hull